Talks from the heart… Going back to the SEVENTIES (part I)


I was born in 1971… and as I like to reminisce about the good old days (who doesn’t!), I thought I’d make some posts about the decades that are lying behind me, beginning with the seventies of course, the decade I was born in.

So grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable because some ab fab nostalgia is coming your way!!

So what can you expect from these posts… no major drama I promise 🙂 No, I want to make this a fun series of posts and you can all join me in the comments of course as I am curious to find out what your faves of the decades were. So here we go…

Good, fab and naked… yours truly on the beach in Mallorca in 1973!

Favourite film?

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My favourite film of the seventies definitely is ‘Grease’. It was the very first film that I saw in a cinema. I was about 7 years old and it was a major night out for me… I remember the queueing to get tickets (so many people that wanted to see this film?!), I remember the BIIIIIIG screen, I remember the icecream and I remember being fascinated by the people on the screen… singing and dancing and looking oh so fabulous! I have been singing to the tunes of this musical ever since 🙂

Favourite book?

I have always loved reading. When I was a young child I read the same books over and over again.

There were these books about a Dutch family who had a boat and who did all sorts of boat trips 🙂 For my Flemish and Dutch followers: it was ‘Met de Toto naar de Wadden’ en ‘Met de Toto naar Giethoorn’ from Wil Vening. A couple of months ago I finally visited Giethoorn myself and I was overwhelmed by the beauty… check out this travelpost about it!

And then there was a series of books about ‘Claudia’, also Dutch books, written by Cok Grashoff. These books were about a young girl who had all kinds of adventures, together with her nephew. Oh how I wanted to be as adventurous as Claudia 😀

Favourite outfit?


One outfit that I can vividly remember is the outfit I wore for my Holy Communion when I was 6. It was a crisp white blouse with a beautiful dress covered in these purple and green little flowers. I looked so chique… don’t you agree? (I had hurt my hand that’s why I am hiding it in the pleats of my dress!!).

Favourite beauty item?

Still one of my favourite perfumes… Chanel n°5 (in an unbreakable travel size!).

Apparently 7 and 8 year olds from the seventies cannot be compared to today’s 7 and 8 year olds as really… I couldn’t care less about beauty products and I didn’t own any myself… but…

When I was a toddler, I must have loved my mum’s perfume sooooo much that one day I had managed to get into the bathroom unnoticed. I took her bottle of Chanel N°5 but unfortunately I dropped it which left the entire bathroom and house in a heavy scent… I cannot remember anything about this… and coincidence or not, but Chanel n°5 is one of my favourite perfumes these days. I don’t know if my early encounter with this perfume has got anything to do with that!

Gallivanting in Spain during my very first holiday abroad… I love how the kids in the background are hanging out 🙂

Other beauty products I remember are the Schwarzkopf shampoo and the Sunlight soap we used.

And when I was about 9, I was very much interested in these Avon samples my mum had. She had a sample eyeshadow palette with soft pastel colours. I can vividly remember it!!! And she also had all these cute little lipstick samples. I loved playing with them and one day I had secretly put on some eyeshadow to school… My friend in class loved it!!

Favourite holiday memory?

My favourite seventies holiday memory is our holiday to Spain in 1978.

Somewhere in France… on our way to the Costa Brava! What an adventure… I loved my espadrilles which had these ribbons to tie them… I felt like a ballerina wearing them!

We went to the Costa Brava by car, which was an adventure in its own in those days!! My two sisters and myself where on the backseat of the car, my dad was driving the 1200 kilometers and my mum was sitting next to him, being the co-pilote and making sure we behaved so we didn’t disturb my dad too much.

She had taken a fly swatter and threatened to use it if we didn’t behave… it didn’t take long of course for her to use her swatter, but we soon burst out into laughter as it broke in two pieces 😀


What I remember from that holiday is the days at the beach, the fabulous weather, but also the trips we did by car. One day we drove to Cadaques, which is a white mountain village in the north of Spain. I remember the drive up to this little town and I remember how frightened my mum was as the road was really hazardous 😀

When we drove back home, I wept in the car because I didn’t want this holiday to end…

Lloret de Mar

Do you have any memories of the seventies?  What was your favourite book, film, TV show,… tell me in the comments!

In a couple of weeks time for more seventies nostalgia 😉

Love, Kathleen

My parents, my sisters and yours truly during the final hours of 1971.


13 thoughts on “Talks from the heart… Going back to the SEVENTIES (part I)

  1. I loved grease! It was my favorite movie/musical as a kid. My husband will put it on whenever I’ve had a really bad day to make me smile!

    I’m with you- when i was 7-8 I wasn’t too worried about make up but perfume was always a winners

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh ja, Tiny!!!! Hoe kon ik die nu vergeten… ik kan er op de boekenbeurs nog steeds niet voorbij zonder eens een kijkje in te nemen. Prachtige tekeningen vond ik het…


    1. You’ll have to wait for just a bit 🙂 The eighties will be up in jan/febr I guess… I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourites from the past decades. Writing these posts is so much fun!!! Love, Kathleen


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