Beauty : My favourite fragrances… part III

Time for the third and final part of my favorite fragrances posts.

Part 1 covered my summer favorites Parfum d’été by Kenzo and Fragonard by Fragonard. In part 2 I told you about 2 fragrances I wear all year round : Pure Poison by Dior and White Linen by Estée Lauder.

Now this third part I reveal which iconic fragrances are on my bathroom shelf : Chanel n°5 by Chanel (Eau de toilette) and First by Van Cleef and Arpels.

First by Van Cleef and Arpels 

I once had a sample of First by Van Cleef and Arpels and I was immediately taken by it. I love this old-fashioned, classic smell so much ! It is quite heavy, but the sweet scent makes it wearable at all times. It’s a very feminine smell and I like to use it together with the body lotion, to make the scent last longer. It intensifies the fragrances even more.

I also like the bottle. It’s such a classic shape. No frilly bits, just as a perfume bottle should be ! It lies in my hand perfectly (in contrast to the bottle of Parfum d’été which I don’t find very handy to use !).

First is a perfume from the seventies but to me it has stand the test of time… to me First is heaven in a bottle…

Chanel n°5 (eau de toilette) by Chanel

And last but not least you’ve got Chanel n°5… Could there be a fragrance more iconic than this one ? It is timeless, elegant, sophisticated…

I use the eau de toilette version. But when I first smelled this fragrance I didn’t like it… I was in my early twenties and I do believe that you’ve got to have a certain maturity for this fragrance. I always find it strange when I pass a young girl wearing this fragrance. That just doesn’t match in my honest opinion !

I bought this fragrance when I was about 35 I guess (so mature enough to do it justice !). At first I used it quite often, but actually it is a fragrance you have to use on special occasions. Now I use it more sparsely so it gives me a more special feeling when wearing it. I bought the refillable travelspray because that is handy to take with me in my handbag when I go out. Nothing’s so good as a tiny puff before making your entrance !

I actually just realized that it is nearing its 100th birthday, can you imagine ! A fragrance lasting that long must be iconic…

These two fragrances complete my 6 fragrance favorites… I hope you liked these 3 posts and perhaps are tempted to try one (or more !) of these fragrances !

So, over to you know… what is your favorite fragrance ? Do you change a lot or do you also have a couple of favorites you keep falling back on ?

And… if you would have to choose between the 6 I posted about… which one would you choose ? Quickly fill in the poll below !

Love, Kathleen

9 thoughts on “Beauty : My favourite fragrances… part III

  1. I agree with you about the Chanel Nº5. My husband bought me a beautiful bottle of the Eau de Parfum in my mid-20s. I didn’t appreciate it. Now, the eau de parfum is much, much stronger than the eau de toilette and I think that coupled with the fact that I lacked “perfume experience” caused me to not like this iconic perfume. Fast forward a few years and I treated myself to the eau de toilette and I loved it! It’s been a part of my perfume collection ever since, including that 10+yr-old plus bottle of parfum that my husband got me. It’s too pretty to get rid of! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by ! Next time when I’m in the shop I will ask to smell the Dior, Burberry and Hermès perfumes you mention ! (the Phenaligon’s they don’t sell here unfortunately !)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s too bad about the Penhaligon’s. It’s a hard brand to find outside of England. I especially love the Burberry – a warm, delicate blend of amber and soft musk. Very, very feminine!


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