Beauty ‘n Fashion: My outfits on IG – December


On this first Saturday of the new year, I treat you to some outfits I shared on Instagram during the month of December… Here we go 🙂

Look 1: I am wearing a short black dress, but I give it a bit of colour with my cobalt blue Heidi Klum cardigan and a multi-coloured scarf. On this picture you cannot see the brightness of the cardigan. Check out this post to see the colour in its full glory!


Look 2: My floral dress and pink cardigan again, this time styled with a yellow belt, a fake fur collar and my Les Cordes necklace.


Look 3: A new dress of which I still have to make an outfitpost! This is a dark blue dress with a copper coloured print. I am wearing it with a copper coloured cardigan I bought in the Marais in Paris years ago!


Look 4: For this look I am combining my dark denim skinny with a bronze coloured top, and a black blazer. My boots, a leopard printed scarf and a chunky necklace finish off this look.


Look 5: Some colour on my last day of work in 2017… black, gold and red with a touch of leopard.


Look 6: This was my outfit for a daytrip to Paris: warm, comfy and elegant! I am wearing a fuchsia cashmere twinset, a short black woollen skirt and new boots.


Look 7: First look of 2018  is this diagonal striped sweater with a black skirt… great to wear to a New Years Day diner party at my place with just the hubbie & kids!


And that’s it! What is your favourite outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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