Talks from the heart… How to make your blog more attractive

to blog or not to blog

Now I’m not saying that I’ve got the most attractive blog, far from it! I’ve got a free WordPress theme so I can’t change much. And to be honest, I don’t have a lot of time nor the skills (nor the patience!) to alter a lot.

However, I make an effort to make my blog as attractive as possible (within my limits) so today I want to share with you a few tips you could bare in mind when blogging.

1.Introduce yourself


DSC_9365 (2)
This is the picture I am currently using on my homepage.


  • Put a picture of yourself on your homepage as your followers like to know whose blog they’re reading.
  • Write a bit about yourself in an ‘about me‘.


A picture I’ve taken in a local jewellery shop
  • Make sure to use pictures to break up your text.
  • Your pictures should be clear and sharp.
  • Use your own pictures.
  • When you use someone else’s pictures make sure to ask permission and give credits.
  • If you have no idea whose picture it is, don’t use it!! AT ALL!!!  It’s just not fair to use someone else’s picture without giving the credits and you could risk a fine.

3.’Read more’

One of the pictures from my travelpost about Giethoorn.
  • If someone is looking at your homepage and quickly wants to scroll down your latest blogposts, they might find it annoying that they have to keep on scrolling down entire blogposts to get to the next one. No reader will do that much effort, trust me!  You can avoid this by putting a ‘read more’ after your first paragraph. That way, your reader will be able to scroll down quickly through your latest blogposts and when they see something of interest, click the ‘read more’ to see the full article.
  • Make sure to put a picture above that first paragraph as well, otherwise there will only  be text on your homepage which isn’t very attractive.



  • Your lay-out should be clear and logic.
  • Try not to cramp in too much on your homepage, keep it simple.

5.Break up your text

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Muhammad Tabish

To make your blogpost easier to read, you could break it up. To do so, you could use:

  • pictures
  • quotes
  • bullets
  • titles/subtitles


A picture from one of my beauty posts.
  • No matter what content you want to share on your blog, make sure it’s accurate!!
  • Post regularly to keep attracting your followers (and gain more).
  • Share personal stuff, it interests your readers!



  • Use a menu and submenu.
  • Make it easy to navigate.

Well I definitely hope I gave you some useful tips. I am however aware that I am not an expert. You can always leave your feedback in the comments below!

Love, Kathleen

PS: Here you can read a post with plenty of blogpost ideas!

to blog or not to blog


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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! It’s much appreciated 🙂 I stumbled upon the theme I am now using and haven’t altered it since… I’m too afraid that my entire lay-out goes bananas 😀 Love, Kathleen x

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