Beauty ‘n Fashion: Striped shirtdress


I usually have to stay clear from shirtdresses: they’re too short, the fabric is too flimsy, the colour is too bland,… yip, shirtdresses are usually a no-go for me! Until I saw this one at H&M in Madrid lately…

And this one really has my name written all over it: the length is great, the fabric isn’t too sheer and the red ‘n white stripes are just giving it enough colour for my pale complexion.


This is a very versatile shirtdress. I can see myself wearing it with sneakers, high heels or like here on a daytrip to Delft: with comfy wedges.



This dress actually doesn’t need much. I have spiced it up with my lovely necklace from Dansk Smykkekunst, my red Coccinelle handbag, my denim jacket and of course my ab fab shades from Ralph Lauren (which I scored tax free!).


I really feel comfy in the dress and it is just a perfect dress to wear to work or to go on a citytrip.

Love it! Do you?! Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen








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