Beauty ‘n Fashion: Red and white striped summer blouse


I scored some lovely things during the sales, including a very cute red and white striped summer blouse… let me share some pictures of this cutie!

This blouse immediately caught my eye when entering Claudia Sträter in Antwerp a couple of weeks ago. As it came with a very beautiful discount, I wanted to try it on and I fell in love with it… it can be that easy you know!


This blouse is perfect in this hot summer weather we’ve been having. The fabric is so light, which makes it pleasant to wear even when it’s 30°C!

I love the cute details of this blouse: the flared sleeves with the bows on the sides and the open shoulder make it very trendy.


I have bought this blouse together with a white jeans, also from Claudia Sträter. They’re really comfy as they’re a bit stretchy and I love the length. I’ve been wearing them a lot since I’ve bought them. They can be styled with just about anything and they just scream ‘summer’ to me.


Accessory-wise I’m wearing my Dansk Smykkekunst necklace… again… I have been wearing it so much since I’ve bought it! It really is a fabulous necklace if you ask me and people (even complete strangers!) keep on giving me compliments about it which is really good for my self-esteem you know 😀


What do you think about this outfit? Perfect for summer, right?!

Love, Kathleen





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