Beauty ‘n Fashion: Powder pink slip dress


May I present to you today: my stunning powder pink slip dress?! How gorgeous is this… I can honestly say that it was love at first sight 🙂

I had seen this dress in the shop window of Yoth in the Dutch city Den Bosch when we were there for a daytrip and to be honest… it was love at first sight… I just couldn’t get over the beautful colour of this dress and how fluently it fell on the mannequin.


Unfortunately the shop was closed for a couple of days, but I contacted the shopkeeper to find out whether this dress was still available in my size and when they would be open again… well actually my husband urged me to do so… I guess he fell in love with the dress as much as I did :-D. And a week later we drove off to Den Bosch again with one goal: THE DRESS!

When I tried it on, it fit perfectly and I fell in love with it once more as I realized this dress was just so freaking beautiful and special… and it would be mine 😀

The colour, the cut, the fabric, the deep V in the front and back of the dress,… all of this makes the dress just perfect. It really is a show-stopper if you ask me!


I can see myself wearing it in summer (like in this outfitpost) but also in fall with a soft mohair vest on top of it or with a sheer top underneath, or even during the festive season with a sparkling cardigan or a faux fur stola! I will definitely do a post about this dress later this year so you can see how I style it in fall/winter!

Somebody’s happy 😀


For this outfitpost I didn’t need wool or faux fur to keep me warm as it was a lovely warm day in Goes (also a Dutch little town). I am just wearing some jewellery with it and my comfy Gabor wedge sandals which complement the dress perfectly.

Yip, definitely in love with this dress. You too?

Love, Kathleen







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