Trips ‘n Travels: England – Marlborough


Today I want to share with you lots of pics of Marlborough, a market town in Wiltshire.

As we the two first days of our holidays had been very busy and long, we wanted to have a bit of a quieter day. As Marlborough was only a 20 minute drive from our holiday home, we drove off in the early afternoon.

Marlborough is a pretty town with lots of characterful buildings, which can be found especially in High Street. This is also the street where you can find plenty of shops and pubs so our visit started there…


And it was certainly a very fruitful vist… I actually bought two (!) dresses in Marlborough: the fab orange one at Phase Eight and then a lovely floral one at Mint Velvet. I didn’t know this English clothing brand, but they surely have some nice clothes. I will soon do an outfitpost on this beautiful dress.



So shopping-wise I can tell you, you’ll be absolutely fine in Marlborough 😀 One of the quirckiest shops you’ll find at St-Peter’s Church as that is renovated as an arts and crafts centre where you can also have a drink and a bite to eat. Very recommenable to have a little peek!




Marlborough also houses Marlborough College, where Kate Middleton used to go to school. Apaarently Merlin’s Mound can be found at Marlborough College and is the reputed burial place of the wizard Merlin.


Another landmark is the Merchant’s House, a 350 year old house which was built by a silk merchant after the Great Fire of 1653. You can visit the house but actually I didn’t know so at the time… which is a bit of pity because it looks quite stunning! If you want to visit it, do check the website.


The building of the Town Council is also very remarkable and stands proud at the beginning (or end?!) of High Street.


Marlborough is certainly a lovely town to visit. We spent half a day, but if you visit the Merchant’s House and grab a bite to eat (e.g. in Rick Stein’s restaurant!!), you can certainly spend an entire day in this beautiful Wiltshire market town.

Love, Kathleen








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