Beauty ‘n Fashion: Black and white in summer


Black and white is a colour combination that works well… all the time, anytime! Also in summer. So today I have for you a black and white summer outfit for you 🙂

The pictures were, again, taken during our holidays in England. We had the most fabulous weather, so why not take advantage of that and shoot some outfit pictures whilst visiting the English countryside?!


I wore my white jeans a lot whilst on holiday… up to a point that it wasn’t all thàt white anymore, but hey… you don’t see that on these pictures can you 😀 It was just so comfortable wearing trousers as we walked a lot during our week in the English countryside.

On a trip through the lovely Cotswolds, I wore my white Claudia Strater jeans with a black asymmetrical top from H&M.


My black Remonte wegdes have accompanied me on many kilometres since I bought them last year. The footbed is so comfortable and I can but recommend this brand!

Up on Broadway Tower it was quite windy, so I put on my striped blazer. I think it looks cute on the white jeans.


I just added a splash of colour with my red Coccinelle handbag and my orangey/red lipstick!

And have you noticed my earrings?? Don’t they make you think of Kate Middleton’s  (or Lady Diana’s) engagement ring?! Well… they were inspired on that ring to be honest… I bought these earrings at Kensington Palace… at a slightly lesser price than the ring I imagine 😀 but I like them very much! They’re classy and of good quality. I’ll wear them for years to come no doubt… and I will always think of Kensington Palace and the lovely time we spent in this fabulous place (check a travelpost on Kensington Palace here).


Do you like this outfit? Is it fit for a car tour around the Cotswolds you think? I might have been a bit overdressed as opposed to other tourists we saw that day, but honestly?! I couldn’t care less! I wear what I like and what I feel good in 😀

Love, Kathleen






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