Beauty ‘n Fashion: Trying out some samples (Shiseido, Taaj and Estée Lauder)


Another sample post today! I am trying out a serum from Shiseido, one from Estée Lauder and an anti-aging cream from Taaj… read on to find out my first impressions!

Sample: Shiseido – Bio-performance Lift Dynamic Serum


First impression? Love this serum! It gives my skin an even, velvety look on which my daycare and make-up can be applied perfectly. Now it’s said to be lifting, but I haven’t noticed any of that of course as I have only tried it for a couple of days. Mind, this sample was enough for 7 consecuctive days so the serum is very economical in use!

Tip: after using the sample for 4 days I couldn’t squeeze anything out of the little tube anymore… but I cut off the top and was treated to product for 3 more days!! It’s just too good a product to waste…

To buy or not to buy? I would definitely recommend this serum, but it is very expensive though… about 90 EUR for 30 ml 😦 why????

Sample: Taaj – Anti-aging Cream


First impression? I never heard of this brand before, but I got two samples of this anti-aging cream in a Parisian pharmacy. It was enough product to test it out for 2 weeks and I liked using it. It left my skin really smooth, perfect as a base for my make-up. It had a bit of a herbal smell and it was really economical in use.

To buy or not to buy? I probably won’t buy it again as it’s not for sale here, but it’s defintely a good product!

Sample: Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair 


First impressions? Well I must admit that I have bought this product before, so I know this product really well and I absolutely love it. It’s hydrating, nourishing, calming, soothening, refreshing, tightening,… do I need to go on? This is a top product which I love!

To buy or not to buy? I do buy a bottle of this serum occasionaly as it’s the crème de la crème! But it is expensive though…

Have you used any of these samples before? What are your thoughts?

Love, Kathleen

9 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Trying out some samples (Shiseido, Taaj and Estée Lauder)

  1. Completely swear by it! Have been using this for yer assess now and think somewheit tuly masks the many lines. Being odourfree is another bigggg plus for someone’s like me who absolutely abhors too sharp fragrances!

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    1. In those little sachets it sometimes can be a bit disappointing… but those little tubes?! Those really are enough to test the product out for a couple of days. Love those 😀


  2. I am glad that I will go back to beautyblogging as of October 🙂 so the samples I used on holiday will come back in future sample saturdays 🙂 I can imagine the shiseido product was lovely had an eyecream of this brand ones and loved it but painful pricepoint.

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