Beauty ‘n Fashion: Kruidvat – Rosewater


In today’s beautypost I review a fab budget-proof product: the Rosewater from Kruidvat!

Rosewater has several benefits. I must admit I haven’t used rosewater since my student years… so I hesitated a bit to try this one out, but as it was only 2 EUR fo 500 ml… oh well… why not 🙂

I use this rosewater as a lotion after removing my make-up.



  • Definitely the price! As I already said, this rosewater comes at 2 EUR for a 500 ml…
  • Lovely scent, not too overpowering.
  • Gives my skin a clean and fresh touch.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Doesn’t sting.
  • Can be used an sensitive skins.


  • Perhaps the fact that it’s a glass bottle… I don’t like glass in my bathroom cabinet. But then glass is better for the environment than plastic I guess!


This rosewater is the perfect wake-up call for my skin!

Love, Kathleen DSC_8577


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