Beauty ‘n Fashion: Striped t-shirt


Today’s outfit is nice and comfy… jeans and a t-shirt, now how easy can it get πŸ˜€ Let me tell you more about it…

Even though autumn is nearing at rapid speed, I just can’t say goodbye to my summer clothes and shoes just yet!Β The mornings are getting a bit crispier though, so a little cardigan can be a life-saver πŸ™‚


For today’s outfit I’ve got for you a cute striped t-shirt. I love the boatneck. It makes this t-shirt just a bit more special as do the stripes in this lovely soft aqua colour. They’ve got a bit of bling in them.

I got this t-shirt a couple of months ago at JBC, but I actually didn’t wear it that much to be honest. I really like it though and I think it will be a t-shirt I can even wear in fall with a blazer or a thick cardigan on top.


The cardigan I am wearing with it in this post, complements the colour of the t-shirt really well. It’s from Esprit. They have loads of go-to cardigans and sweaters and this one I bought at the beginning of summer. As we’ve been having an extremely hot summer, I didn’t wear it much though, but it will do just fine on a nice September day, won’t it

DSC_5957The bracelet is a golden oldie! I bought it 19 years ago in Wales and I recently re-

discovered it. I still love it so much and it takes me back to lovely times πŸ™‚

I am always glad to get the most out of my clothes, especially my summer clothes as that is my favourite season!

Are you still wearing your summer clothes or not? Let me know in the comments!

(PS: I know my hair looks funny on the pics… didn’t have time to make new ones though πŸ˜€ )

Love, Kathleen






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