Beauty ‘n Fashion: Zebra print blazer



Some time ago I went shopping with my youngest daughter… we bought some things for her ofcourse, but let me tell you what I bought for myself!

She wanted to go to ‘The Sting’ a shop which mainly aims to a younger public, but actually I was quite surprised by their offer. Lots of trendy stuff in different styles and all at attractive prices. So it didn’t take me long to go checking the racks myself!

And soon I saw this funky zebra print blazer. What I love about this blazer  is that is fitted and not too long. And then of course the print! I love how they used this rusty red as contrasting colour instead of white.


I love blazers. They instantly make a casual outfit chic. But as this blazer has this playful print, it never gets too serious 😉

For this outfitpost I combine it with my cropped black pants and my red velvet top. Together with the blazer I have bought a scarf which complements the rusty red from the blazer.


This outfit is elegant yet trendy and comfy…  Yip, right up to my alley I’d say!

Do you like this outfit? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

(PS: forgive the huge bags under my eyes… I have been suffering from a dry cough which has kept me awake lots of hours this past week!!)



DSC_7560 (2) DSC_7565


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