Trips ‘n Travels: France – Paris, Sunday stroll down Montmartre part II


Last week I took you to Montmartre. As I was only halfway through our walk we did in this fabulous piece of Paris, I suggest we go back to continue our way…

We had been walking for a couple of hours now, so high time to find a place to rest our feet a while.

We had found a perfect spot at Place du Tertre. I know… really touristy, but the sun just hit the spot where we were sitting and we could enjoy the hustle and bustle of this busy place. We didn’t feel like moving a lot for the next few hours, so we had a couple of drinks and decided to stay for a late lunch as well (partly because the waiter was so cute… just check out the picture below :-D).


After lunch, we checked out the many artists showing their work at Place du Tertre. Besides the typical portraitist, there were also a lot of other artists making and selling art. We were quite astounded by the quality and when we left Place du Tertre I really thought ‘I’ll be back’ 🙂





We let ourselves get lost in the little quirky streets of Montmartre. Most of them were really crowded, others were really calm and almost abandoned!







We slowly walked towards our parking space and had a final coffee before starting our ride home… happy, satisfied and thankful to have had yet another wonderful time in our favourite city!

Love, Kathleen






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