Beauty ‘n Fashion: Metallic skirt


Hello! Ready for a new fashionpost? Well then let’s talk about this metallic skirt I bought at a fraction of the price during the January sales 🙂

I had seen this skirt before when it was a new arrival in September/October, but I only recently bought it during the end of sales, because honestly, at 21 EUR for this ab fab metallic blush pink skirt… how could I resist?




At the end of the sales I like to buy things that will take me right into spring and that’s what this skirt will definitely do.

In this outfitpost I wear it with my green wool HM sweater. I like the combination of the shiny, metallic fabric of the skirt and soft wool. To create a waist, I tuck in the sweater in the front of the skirt, which reveals the funky striped elastic waistband of the skirt.

Accessory-wise I have chosen to wear my my suede olive green ankle boots and a Les Cordes necklace.



I am already thinking of ways to style this skirt for spring and even summer. I am always open to suggestions, so share your ideas in the comments!

Love, Kathleen  DSC_8539


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