Beauty ‘n Fashion: Fluffy jacket


Now what about some fluf today… with this super soft, super lovely jacket?!

For this winter, I had some longer dresses and skirts. I couldn’t wear them with the longer coats I have, so I was in search of a shorter jacket to wear with my maxi-stuff… and when I saw this fluffy thing at the shop, I fell in love at once 🙂


And for many different reasons… first of all, it was the perfect length to wear with my longer skirts and dresses. The colour was really soft and warm and it matches most of my clothes. And then the fluffiness of it!! You can’t feel it, but I guess you can tell from the pictures… this jacket is SUPER soft…


From the moment I bought this coat, I have had so many compliments about it! And people just have to rub my back or arm to feel how soft it is (so if you don’t like people to enter your personal space, this may not be the coat for you I’m afraid!).


The jacket is from the brand Golden Days and I bought it at Close Up, a multi-brand fashion store in Belgium.

I am showing it here on the outfit I shared with you last week.

Do you like this fluffy jacket? Would you wear something like this?

Love, Kathleen


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