Boost your energy: Give yourself positive thoughts

You know… in life you experience more positive than negative things! Unfortunately, we usually focus on the negative… hence the next tip in this ‘boost your energy’ series: ‘give yourself positive thoughts’ 🙂

Having positive thoughts will make you a happier and more content human being. So sad a lot of use however look on a glass which is half empty… to me it’s always half full! And practising this tip, might help you to do the same.

Ready to change your thoughts in a positive way?! Here’s how to…

Write down three things every day in which you’ve made a difference that day

You may find it difficult to write down three things, but believe me, you do more than three things that make a difference each day! You often find these things so obvious and normal that you just don’t think about them anymore e.g. ‘I helped someone to get off the bus’ or ‘I complimented someone on a beautiful dress’ or ‘This older lady dropped something in the supermarket and I picked it up’,…

Do these things sound familiar? Well, it’s those things you know, those little things that make someone else’s day just that bit nicer and easier 🙂

When you realize you do these things, be proud of yourself! Give yourself a pat on the back and smile because they happened!

When you find it difficult to write down three things, ask your partner or a friend if they can help you. They’ll certainly be able to give you heaps of examples of times you made a difference!

Paris in springtime

Take inspiration from nice quotes and positive statements

I can really get inspired by beautiful quotes and positive statements. In 2020 I want to take it up a notch and I have actually made it one of my goals to spend more time reading motivational and inspirational books and articles. I have also started a notebook in which I am writing down inspirational quotes, poems, websites, books,…

So I want to advice you to do the same. Here’s what you can do:

– Write down nice quotes in a booklet and read them regularly.
– Hang up you favourite quotes in your home or workplace.
– Fill a vase with nice quotes and take one out every day which will be your ‘quote of the day’.

To get you started (and to end this post) I’ve got a lovely and inspirational quote for you:

‘Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have… it depends solely on what you think.’ – Dale Carnegie

When you practice on having good thoughts, I assure you that that will give an enormous boost to your energy… go on… what are you waiting for?!

Love, Kathleen

PS: why don’t you share your favourite quotes in the comments?!


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