Boost your energy: Stop complaining

We all complain… sadly, we do it a lot and it’s contagious!And did you know that there’s a link between complaining and stress? Read on!

Complaining causes negative signals in your brain, causing stress and increasing blood pressure…  and if you put it like that, you could say that complaining actually can increase the chances of having a cardiovascular disease!

Terrifying, right?! So why not put complaining on your black list… that way your head will be less ‘full’, your stress level will drop and you will be more relieved, happy and energetic throughout the day!

Below you will find a number of tips that can help you to keep complaining to a minimum:

  • Most of the time you won’t know you’re complaining. Make an agreement with your colleagues and at home that once someone starts complaining you get ‘the sign’… you can even make an agreement to put some money in a jar as a penalty to spend on something nice for your housemates, colleagues.
  • Do you have a tendency to start complaining? Go into another room or do something completely different. After a few minutes you may have less tendency to complain.
  • Often you complain about things you can’t control. Save energy and accept things as they are!
  • If you complain about things you do have control over, do something about them!
  • Don’t complain about yourself. Accept yourself as you are, focus on the things you do like about yourself!
  • Smile… because whilst smiling/laughing it will be more difficult to complain…

Do you have more tips on how to stop complaining? Do tell… we can all but learn 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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