Beauty ‘n Fashion: Bellàpierre – Eyeshadow palette

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the magazine ‘Goed Gevoel’. This magazine often offers promotions and this time, it came with a make-up bag with 4 cosmetic products for only 8,5 EUR extra. As the products are worth about 90 EUR in total, you can definitely say it’s a bargain…. and I never stay clear from a bargain 🙂

In this post, I will tell you a bit more about the Bellàpierre eyeshadow palette which was in the make-up bag.

About the brand

I only know this brand, because of the Goed Gevoel promotions and beauty boxes, with wich they often collaborate. Bellàpierre sells mineral make-up of a very good quality. They also sell other beauty products and accessories. The website has a webshop so you can stock up online.

How to use

To put on eyeshadow I use a soft brush, an eyeliner brush and/or my fingertips. This particular palette also contains a glittery copper-coloured eyeshadow. To apply this , I use a slightly damp, soft eyeshadow brush, dab it carefully into the glitter and then dab it onto my eyelid, to make sure my entire face isn’t covered in glitter! I always clean that brush afterwards, or otherwise, the next time I use it, I ‘ll still get glitters on my eyes!


  • 4 beautiful colours:
    • a shimmering beige: can be used as a base and/or as a highlighter just beneath your eyebrows,
    • a matte copper brown: can be used as an eyeliner, but also to intensify your make-up when blended into the crease of your eyelid and outer corner of your moving eyelid.
    • a glittering copper: this is perfect to finish off your look. Make sure to wet your brush just and dab or you’ll get glitters everywhere!
    • a shimmering bronze: beautiful to blend in the beige with the copper brown. Can be used as a slightly darker base as well.
  • good pigmentation, which makes your eye make-up last all day long
  • you can create an entire eye make-up with just this one palette
  • you can build up the colours to get a more intense make-up or use sparsely for a softer look
  • can be used by people with sensitive skin/eyes


  • be careful with the glitters…


This is a very beautiful eyeshadow palette. It isn’t for sale on the website, but they do have a lot of colours on offer so you can mix and match as you please! Just to have this exact same palette though, I bought a second magazine with the make-up bag 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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