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Fashion: Red coat

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I was in need of a new winter coat… and I found my dream coat online! Let me tell you the how’s and why’s…

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Fashion: Shopping for a wedding outfit… 14 tips to bear in mind!

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Next week my sister is getting married so recently I bought an outfit to wear on her special day.

When you have a special occasion coming on, why don’t you read these tips?! They might help you in your search for thé perfect outfit…

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Fashion: A good, fab and lovely Christmas wishlist…

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My Christmas wishlist : jewellery

At first I didn’t mean to join this wishlist craze… but seeing them pop up like everywhere these days… and now Christmas is nearing at rush speed, I suddenly felt the urge to make some wishlists of my own… a good, a fab and a lovely! See what’s on my whislists!