Beauty ‘n Fashion: My current favourite beauty items (part II)


Last week you could find out which are my current favourite beauty items concerning cleansing, serum, day/night cream, eye care and bodylotion (see this post).

Time for part II I’d say!

Face scrub

Budget buy:

  • L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay mask
    • 10 EUR for a 50 ml jar (and often my drugstore has promotions, so I buy it for less!)
    • Multi-use product… mask ànd scrub in one!!!
    • Review on my blog: L’Oréal Paris pure clay mask
Mask ànd scrub in one… I love multi-use products!

More expensive:

  • Rainpharma – Balming Face Polish


Face mask

Budget buy:

  • Garnier – Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask
    • 2,49 for one tissue mask, but often there are promotions in my local drugstore.
    • Intensely hydrating mask.
    • Review on my blog: Garnier hydra bomb tissue mask


More expensive:

Looking like a tin-foil man, but believe me… it’s all for a good cause!


Budget buy:

  • Catrice – HD Liquid Coverage
    • 6,99 EUR for a 30 ml (and often there are promotions in my drugstore, so I usually buy this for less!)
    • Good coverage, economical in use.
    • Review on my blog: Catrice HD liquid coverage


More expensive:

  • Estée Lauder – Double Wear



Budget buy:

  • Rimmel – Wake me up Mascara
    • 15 EUR
    • Long-lasting mascara, good brush, waterproof version available.
    • Review on my blog: Rimmel wake me up mascara


More expensive:

  • Urban Decay – Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette
    • 53 EUR for one palette (sometimes there are promotions at my beautyshop, I have bought this palette during one of these actions).
    •  Highly pigmented eyeshadow palette with tons of possibilities.
    • Review on my blog: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette



Budget buy:

  • Elizabeth Arden – 5th Avenue
    • 20 EUR for a 125 ml bottle
    • Fabulous smell with a hint of flowers, bergamot, vanilla… lovely!
    • Review on my blog: Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue


More expensive:

  • Yves Saint Laurent – Opium
    • 94,50 EUR for a 90 ml bottle
    • Very luxurious, heavy, exotic, spicy, mysterious, sensuous, powerful, smokey, smoldering, oriental, classy, addictive, sultry, sexy and sophisticated fragrance…
    • Review on my blog: Yves Saint Laurent Opium eau de toilette


So far for my current beauty favourites… but this is a never stopping movement! I keep on buying different beauty products so one day these favourites might be replaced by something else… who knows?!

Please let me know your beauty favourites… perhaps I might be persuaded to buy one of them 😉

Love, Kathleen

7 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: My current favourite beauty items (part II)

    1. It really is a top product for such a price!!! I always add a drop of oil. My skin is a bit older (!) and I have found that using the foundation as it is, is a bit too dry for my skin… but nothing a drop of facial oil won’t fix 🙂 Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening! Love, Kathleen

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    1. I’m glad I found a couple of budget-friendly fragrances to use during the week 🙂 Concerning make-up I have bought an Urban Decay palette and love it! Will buy UD stuff again, I’m sure. And my skincare normally is L’Oréal, but now I am using Rainpharma, a Belgian eco-friendly product. There was a promotion with a magazine so I bought two magazines and got two boxes for Rainpharma products. Testing them out as we speak… you’ll probably hear from them in a couple of weeks/months time on my blog. Love, Kathleen


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