Book Review: The House by the Lake: a Story of Germany – Thomas Harding

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book club

This summer I read ‘The House by the Lake: a Story of Germany’ by Thomas Harding. This book was different from what I normally read, but I really liked it… Let me tell you why!

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Travel recap n°5

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On this dark and gloomy December day, I will take you back on the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts… so if you want to know about walks ‘n castles, cities ‘n cathedrals, lakes ‘n high tea… you’d better stick with me for a while and read today’s recap! Take me to that recap!

Germany: Aachen – cathedral

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Today a last travelpost about our holiday to Germany! We only went for a couple of days, but our holiday surely was packed with lovely things. On our way home we stopped in Aachen to have lunch and to have a quick stroll through the city… Read the rest of this entry »

Germany: Trier

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When we were in Germany at the end of August we also visited the beautiful town of Trier. In today’s travelpost I share with you some pictures about our visit to Gemany’s oldest city… Read more about this beautiful German town!

Germany: Eifel region – lakes and trees

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Bitte ein Bit 😛

Last month we were on a holiday in good old Germany. I already shared a travelpost about Monschau and also about a beautiful walking tour we did in the Eiffel region. Well today I will tell you something about lakes and trees… because on the third day of our holiday, we made a lovely combination of these two things 🙂 Read more!

Germany: Eifel region – a walking tour

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The start of our walking tour.

At the end of August we went to Germany for 5 days. Last week in the tips ‘n trips post, you could see lots of pictures of beautiful Monschau in the Eifel region. In today’s post I will tell you a bit more about a walking tour we did. Read more!

Lazy Sunday

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Hello my dear followers… how is this first Sunday of September going? Hope everything is just ab fab…

Let me remind you what my blog had in store for you this week… on Monday there was this beauty post on the Lush yes, yes, yes massage bar. On Tuesday there was a quote from Lady Gaga. On Thursday I took you to Monschau, a little place in Germany we visited during our holiday and my outfit of the week was about my casual (and free!) striped t-shirt…

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday and see you soon on my blog!

Love, Kathleen

PS : this picture was taken in Monschau of which you could read the post last Thursday!

Travel recap n°1

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Fifteen tips ‘n trips post have already been posted on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’… so time for a recap ! Today you’ve got the chance to catch up on tips ‘n trips posts you might have missed.

The first tips ‘n trips post was about good old Paris and more specifically about Parc Monceau and afternoon tea at Hotel Daniel. If you want to read the whole post, just check here. Aaah… Paris… I am so in love with this city… I’m sure we will meet again really soon!

Parc Monceau in Paris

Read more about the tips’ n trips!

Germany: Bonn

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Market place with the Altes Rathaus (townhall).


A couple of weeks ago I did a post on the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition in the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn (which you can read here). Now Bonn has a lot more to offer… It’s a charming town with lots of beautiful houses and heaps of shops, cafes and restaurants. Read more about our daytrip to Bonn!