Trips ‘n Travels Germany: Eifel region – lakes and trees

Bitte ein Bit 😛

Last month we were on a holiday in good old Germany. I already shared a travelpost about Monschau and also about a beautiful walking tour we did in the Eiffel region. Well today I will tell you something about lakes and trees… because on the third day of our holiday, we made a lovely combination of these two things 🙂

In the morning we drove off towards the Dauner Maare. These are a couple of lakes situated in the Vulkaneifel, a part of the Eifel region in Germany, known for its volcanic history.

This area is actually created because of volcanic activity 10.000 years ago. These days the volcanos are inactive and the region is known for its beautiful nature. Because of the many tourist attractions, a lot of tourists frequent the region. Of course you can do a lot of active stuff like walking, hiking, cycling, geological excursions,… but you can also just enjoy nature itself!

The Dauner Maare is a group of three volcanic lakes and we decided to do a walking tour around the smallest lake, the Gemünder Maar. Fortunately this tour was mainly in the shade as it was a scorching hot day! It’s a very easy walk, no climbing whatsoever (like our other walking tour we did!) and walking around the lake was so serene and so beautiful! We thoroughly enjoyed it!



In the afternoon we drove to Irrhausen where we went to an adventure park ‘kletterpark Irsental’. On the site is a camping and a lot of sports facilities, but we decided to climb in some trees that afternoon 🙂

The last years we have always searched for such an adventure park as our kids love them. But this time I joined them! I am not the adventurous type at all, but this time they convinced me in trying. Unfortunately most of the tracks were very difficult so I could only try one. I started off really hesitantly, but after a while I got the hang of it and I must say that I was a bit disappointed that most of the tracks were too difficult for me. Better luck next time!

Yip… that’s yours truly 😀 !!

We ended our day at a restaurant a couple of kilometres from our cottage. We had wanted to eat an icecream overthere after our strenuous walk the day before (of which I told you a couple of weeks ago), but it was closed at the time. This time we had better luck! We enjoyed a hearty meal, a couple of Bitburgers and the most fabulous view! The perfect way to end this hot and lovely day!

Have you tried a zipline or adventure track between the trees already? Would you dare? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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Nope… this isn’t me… it’s my eldest daughter 😉
What a view…



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