Beauty ‘n Fashion: Dove – Rich nourishment cream


I recently bought this rich nourishment cream from Dove for the first time, but after using it, I was immediately convinced… I will buy this cream again!! I actually only bought this cream because there was this Dove promotion at my drugstore. I have been using it now for a couple of weeks, so time to tell you my thoughts about it!



  • has this typical but oh so lovely Dove smell
  • very nourishing, so perfect for my dry feet and shins!
  • no frills cream
  • creamy consistency
  • great to use in winter as my skin tends to get a bit dryer then
  • price (only 2,29 EUR for 150 ml)


  • maybe too greasy for some… but my skin is apparently always very thirsty
  • contains quite some chemicals so I wouldn’t recommend this cream to people with sensitive skin. I wouldn’t use it on my face either!


This is a very fine, no frills cream. I don’t have sensitive skin, so this cream is just fine for me to use on my legs and feet! I will definitely buy it again as I think it rubs in a bit easier than the similar Nivea cream.

Have you used this cream before? What are your thougths?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review on a similar cream from Nivea!


4 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Dove – Rich nourishment cream

    1. Ik vind deze eigenlijk gemakkelijker uit te smeren dan de Nivea. De body butter van Dove is ook fantastisch… daar komt vroeg of laat ook wel eens een review over 😉 Groetjes en nog een fijne dinsdag! Kathleen


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