Trips ‘n Travels: Germany: Monschau


Last week we went to Germany for 5 days. On the way to our destination, we made a stop in Monschau, a beautiful, picturesque town in the Eiffel region. Monschau is very close to the Belgian and Dutch border, so it is frequented by Dutch and Belgian tourists. In the little town are a lot of possibilities to spend the night : bed and breakfast (‘Zimmer frei’ as the Germans like to call this), little hotels, self-catering options and also camping sites. It’s the starting point of many hiking tours, but also the (motor)cyclists will like touring this region as it’s very beautiful, but quite a challenge because of the many hills!





The town is situated near two rivers : the Rur and the Laufenbach, which gives the town a lot of character. I don’t know about you, but I am always attracted to water! Especially when it is surrounded by these characteristic, charming timbered cottages. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures!

We just visited the little town for a couple of hours. We had lunch, had a walk through the old town and had a drink on an outdoor terrace facing the ‘Rote Haus’. It was the perfect way to start our holiday to be honest…

Monschau is only a two hour drive for us, but after that short drive, we ended up in a completely different world which added to the instant-holiday effect! In the next couple of weeks, you’ll get more tips ‘n trips posts about our Germany trip, so stay tuned!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a post about Bonn, the former capital of West-Germany, which I visited last summer.












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