Travel recap n°5

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On this dark and gloomy December day, I will take you back on the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts… so if you want to know about walks ‘n castles, cities ‘n cathedrals, lakes ‘n high tea… you’d better stick with me for a while and read today’s recap! Take me to that recap!

Lazy Sunday

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Hello my dear followers… how is this first Sunday of September going? Hope everything is just ab fab…

Let me remind you what my blog had in store for you this week… on Monday there was this beauty post on the Lush yes, yes, yes massage bar. On Tuesday there was a quote from Lady Gaga. On Thursday I took you to Monschau, a little place in Germany we visited during our holiday and my outfit of the week was about my casual (and free!) striped t-shirt…

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday and see you soon on my blog!

Love, Kathleen

PS : this picture was taken in Monschau of which you could read the post last Thursday!