Beauty: My 5 favourite face masks

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I have been testing out heaps of face masks but lately I end up using the same ones again and again, I guess because they do as they promise. Time to share with you my 5 favourite face masks I guess 🙂

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Beauty: Nivea – Q10 Plus Replenishing Pearls

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I have been using this serum from Nivea for a couple of weeks now. Time to write a review about it I’d say!

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Beauty : Nivea – Express Body Lotion

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Nivea products rarely disappoint me. As I hadn’t tried this Express Body Lotion yet, I bought it at my local drugstore a couple of weeks ago.  Read more about this body lotion!

Beauty rewind n°2

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Time for a new beauty rewind! In this post I will fill you in on the past 20 beauty posts that appeared here on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’. I will tell you which products I still use, which I wouldn’t buy again and which are my absolute favourites!

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Beauty : Nivea – Shower products

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I like using shower products from Nivea. Today I will tell you more about these two products : Nivea Shower Body Milk and Nivea Creme Smooth. Read more about these Nivea products!

Beauty : Nivea creme

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Now where to begin with a classic such as this cream…

First of all back down memory lane… at home we always had a tin of Nivea cream and I remember being a kid I could just go to the bathroom, open the tin and enjoy the smell! Read more about this classic Nivea cream!