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Outfit of the week: Striped skirt

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Today yet another colourful outfit in the blog as I tell you more about this striped skirt from Belgian designer Nathalie Vleeschouwer.

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Outfit of the week: Grass green sweater

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I have already shown you some summer sales in my outfitposts and today I want to share you one more… my grass green sweater!

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Outfit of the week: Orange dress

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When on holiday in England, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of dresses… end of sale and an nice exchange rate meant that some of the clothes were attractively cheap and that’s when my ‘spot the bargain’ radar comes in action 🙂

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Fashion: The black ‘n white bodycon dress… take your pick!

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Black 'n white bodycon dresses

Black ‘n white bodycon dresses by kaybe610 featuring a black plaid dress

Now normally you would expect a “how to wear” on Wednesday, but today I am trying something different… Instead of the three styles I normally give you, you can now take your pick out of several different dresses!

Last Saturday I wore a black ‘n white bodycon dress. It was covered in flowers… Here you see lots and lots of other black ‘n white bodycon dresses… with flowers, with graphic design, with color blocks, with or without sleeves, downright cheap and very expensive,… take your pick I’d say!

Which dress do you prefer? My personal favorites are the middle one of the top row (from and the middle one of the lowest row (from House of Fraser).

Love, Kathleen

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