Trips ‘n Travels: One year of good, fab and lovely posts


Ever since the beginning of my blog I have been posting travel tips ‘n trips. I like sharing my travel experiences with others. And as I always take heaps of photographs when on holiday, it became a habit to put many of them in my travel posts.

Some travel posts did really well while others were hardly read. Today I will put 6 travel posts in the picture. Besides the 3 most popular ones, I will take a look back at 3 posts that didn’t do well at all even though I think they are worth reading! 

One of the least popular travel posts was this one about Diksmuide, a little town in the west of Belgium. Diksmuide lies next to the river Yser, which was very important during the Great War. The entire region has many sights about the Great War and if you want to know a bit more about it, a visit to the Yser Tower in Diksmuide is a good start!

Another post I want to show you once more is this one about Bonn, the former capital of Western Germany. We visited Bonn for a daytrip last year. We first visited an exposition about Karl Lagerfeld and in the afternoon we did some shopping and sightseeing. Bonn definitely is a lovely little town to explore!

A third post that didn’t hit the charts was one about Brussels. After our visit to a fashion exposition, we did some strolling through our capital. The Dansaertstraat definitely is a trendy neighbourhood for shopping so when in Brussels you know where to go!

And now over to the best travelposts…

Bronze : France – Paris Fashion Week


Yay… Paris is in the top three!! My favourite city… and this post is about the time where my friend and I were soaking up the Paris Fashion Week atmosphere in the Tuileries as many fashionista were arriving for an Elie Saab fashion show… like blogger Chriselle Lim in above photo!  We so enjoyed ourselves watching this whole circus… definitely recommended when in the capital of fashion during fashion week!!

Silver: England – Lyme Park and Chatsworth House


Silver goes to this post about two beautiful estates in the Peak District.  I visited them both with my eldest daughter Charlotte and as we are both Pride and Prejudice fans, we were hoping to see Mr Darcy come out of the pond at Pemberley… aka Lyme Park 🙂 No such luck though, but we had two fantastic days visiting both Lyme Park and Chatsworth House!

Gold : Holland – Zwolle and Kampen


And the most read travel post from one year of good, fab and lovely travel posts is this one about Zwolle and Kampen, two lovely little Dutch towns. We visited them during one of our weekend breaks to our nearest and dearest neighbouring country Holland. In Zwolle I definitely remember the fantastic wine and delicatessen shop Schuttelaar (where you can taste any wine they sell!) and in Kampen it was the many listed houses that left an impression. Click the link to see many beautiful photos of these two towns…

And the coming year I’m looking forward to many more trips so I can keep on posting good, fab and lovely travel posts… If you’ve got some travel tips for me, feel free to leave a comment!

Keep on travelling I’d say!

Love, Kathleen


7 thoughts on “Trips ‘n Travels: One year of good, fab and lovely posts

    1. Dat was echt een zalige dag… heerlijk weertje en dan die fashion-buzz in die stad… superleuk!We plannen alweer een dagje Parijs voor deze zomer. Zalig dat we zo dichtbij wonen! Groetjes, Kathleen

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      1. Je hebt me echt geïnspireerd Kathleen! Volgende modeweken wil ik er ook een dagje naartoe… ga al eens rondvragen wie met me mee wil. Groetjes en fijn weekend nog


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