Personal: Quotes about sisters

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Not your usual travelpost on Thursday and that has got everything to do with my sisters turning 50 today… so that gives me 100 years of sisters… That’s pretty major isn’t it?!

To mark this special occasion, here are some quotes about sisters, because what would I do without them?!

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Today’s quote : family

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‘Without a family, man alone in the world, trembles with the cold’ – André Maurois

My two sisters and me on one of our many family gatherings – picture taken by my (proud) dad.

I love my family… I don’t know what I’do do without them. In “Random things about me” I told you already some things about my family. I’m married to Peter and have 3 gorgeous kids, Charlotte, Stef and Elizabeth. Together with them, my parents and father-in-law, my 2 sisters and their partners, my husbands’ 2 brothers and their partners and all my nieces and nephews (all 11 of them !), we have many family gatherings. These can become quite hectic sometimes. It is often we have 25 people in our house to celebrate a birthday, Christmas or another feast. But I have always cherished these family gatherings and by getting older I appreciate them even more. Read more about this quote!