Today’s quote : family

‘Without a family, man alone in the world, trembles with the cold’ – André Maurois

My two sisters and me on one of our many family gatherings – picture taken by my (proud) dad.

I love my family… I don’t know what I’do do without them. In “Random things about me” I told you already some things about my family. I’m married to Peter and have 3 gorgeous kids, Charlotte, Stef and Elizabeth. Together with them, my parents and father-in-law, my 2 sisters and their partners, my husbands’ 2 brothers and their partners and all my nieces and nephews (all 9 of them !), we have many family gatherings. These can become quite hectic sometimes. It is often we have 25 people in our house to celebrate a birthday, Christmas or another feast. But I have always cherished these family gatherings and by getting older I appreciate them even more.

OK, it might be a lot of work making sure my house is cleaned, the table is beautifully set, the food is prepared, making sure that everybody is comfortable and served… but I get such a reward out of it !

Seeing  my family together laughing, discussing, talking, but also crying sometimes, makes me feel warm inside. It gives me such a happy feeling seeing everyone getting along so well. All my brothers-in-law and my husband chuckling over a pint of Stella, my sisters and sisters-in-law blabbing away over a nice glass of Shiraz, my parents and father-in-law bringing back memories from a long time ago, my nieces and daughters comparing eachothers’ nailpolish and talking about books and movies, my nephews and son hanging out on the sofa playing on the WII or just well… hanging…

Sometimes (and I bet they didn’t even know this until they read this now), I watch them out of my kitchen and I am so amused about how they’re all having a good time… this gives my heart such a warm feeling !

I love them all to bits and I would tremble with cold not having them around…

Love, Kathleen

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