Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cashmere twinset


Uniqlo is one of those place you just have to go in to buy some basics… they have all sorts of t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans in an array of colours.

So when I was looking for some tops to get me through winter, I paid the Uniqlo store in Antwerp a visit and bought one if their best basics: a cashmere crewneck sweater with matching cardigan.

Winter is so dull and dark most of the time, so why wouldn’t I spruce it up with some colour? I bought this cashmere twinset in the liveliest of colours: fuchsia!


This twinset cost me about 150 EUR which is of course a considerable amount, but then it is 100% cashmere. The quality of the wool is very good for its price and what I like about it is, that you don’t have to put layer upon layer to be warm enough.

The wool is soft and warm and in this post I have styled the twinset the way I wore it to go to Paris for my recent daytrip. As we would be walking outside for hours on end on a cold December day, two things were important: I wanted to be warm enough and I wanted to wear something comfy at my feet.


So I decided to wear this cashmere twinset with a short skirt and my new Rieker boots. These boots are so comfortable. They’re not too high, have a comfortable shape and they’re perfect for my heavier underlegs. I truly have difficulties finding boots that fit, but these are made with an elastic backside so they adjust to… well… the thicker calf 😀

To add a bit of bling, I am wearing my pendant from Dyrberg Kern. I bought this pendant 12 years ago, but I still think it’s really beautiful with all the different coloured stones.


What do you think of this outfit? Do you like to wear cashmere or is it too warm for you? And what about the colour??

Love, Kathleen






7 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cashmere twinset

    1. Then Uniqlo is the place to be 🙂 Perhaps you can score something during the sales??? Cashmere is so warm, really. You do notice the difference! Have a fab Saturday evening! Love, Kathleen x


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