Beauty ‘n Fashion: White winter skirt


Wearing white in winter is something you don’t often see. But why wouldn’t we wear white during winter? Why should white be reserved for the summer months only? Check out this post in which I show you a snow white winter skirt.

I am going to be honest with you… I have bought this skirt 3 years ago (it could even be 4) at Maasmechelen Outlet Village and I think I have worn it only 4 times over the past few years. Isn’t that just a freaking shame?!

Well, most of the times I just couldn’t wear it because my waistline was a bit… well… non-cooperative… but since I have lost a few pounds I am glad that I can zip it up completely and I can even exhale 😀


This snow white skirt is definitely a winter skirt as the fabric is quite thick. It’s got a bit of a waffled texture and I like the A-line cut. It’s from Karen Millen and as I bought it in an outlet village, it was at a fraction of the normal price which is of course a nice bonus.

I used to wear it with a black turtleneck, but ever since my wardrobe make-over with Greet Moens, I have definitely been wearing more colours. So for today’s outfit I am wearing this white skirt with my fuchsia cashmere twinset from Uniqlo, which you could already see in this post.


I have worn this twinset many times the past couple of months and I can say that the wool is of very good quality. So if you’re in doubt of buying a cashmere sweater or cardigan at Uniqlo, I can definitely say ‘do it, you won’t be disappointed with the quality’!!

I’m also glad to show this beautiful watch I bought recently. I did an ‘exploring my neighbourhood’ post about Jaka Bijoux a couple of weeks ago and as a thank you, the shopowner gave me a gift card with which I used when I bought a new watch at her shop. It’s a very beautiful watch from Cluse. It’s stylish, trendy, sophisticated and very elegant… I absolutely LOVE it!! Now all I have to do is get used to the idea that I have a watch… so no, I don’t have to reach for my phone anymore to see what time it is!!


Other accessories I am wearing are my roseplated Guess bracelet I received from Lucardi (see this post), my two rings from Mylène (which I wear together most of the time since they complement eachother so well!) and a necklace which I have bought a couple of years ago and which I have been calling my “time-turner” necklace since the inner part can be twisted, like the time-tuner necklace you can see in Harry Potter 😀

What do you think about this outfit? Would you wear white in winter? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen






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