Outfit of the week: Wool in winter

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Wearing wool in winter means you will be nice and warm! In today’s outfit I show you some classic wool grey pants and a teal wool sweater…

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Fashion: Wearing wool in winter

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Even though I start longing for spring as soon as I put away my Christmas decorations, we’re only one month into winter… and what better way to warm yourself during these cold months than wearing wool?!

So today’s fashionpost is all about wool… jumpers and scarfs, casual and chique, cheap and a little more expensive… Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: Woollen pants

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Relaxing in Jardin des Tuileries, enjoying the warmth of the autumn sun.

Today’s outfit is all about a classic piece… the grey woollen pants. I wore them at the beginning of the month on my daytrip to Paris and my friend Katrien took some photos there which I am now using for this post. Read more about this outfit I wore to Paris!