Beauty ‘n Fashion: Wool in winter


Wearing wool in winter means you will be nice and warm! In today’s outfit I show you some classic wool grey pants and a teal wool sweater…

Tommy Hilfiger meets H&M in today’s outfit! I bought these grey classic pants at the Tommy Hilfiger shop in Maasmechelen Village, an outlet village where I sometimes go shopping with my best friend Katrien.

And although these pants must be 5-6 years old, they never go out of style as it is such a classic cut. The wool is of very good quality and doesn’t shift at all. They are my favourite pants to wear on a day out in winter as they are so warm to wear!



The sweater I am wearing is from H&M. I needed some warm sweaters and when I went to H&M there were so many lovely soft sweaters to choose from that I didn’t leave with just one… but three!


This teal one is really warm as it has a mixture of different wools in it. I also like the colour, which goes really well with the dark grey of the pants in my opinion.

Quite a dark outfit, but with just enough colour to keep it interesting!

Love, Kathleen






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