Beauty ‘n Fashion: Wearing wool in winter


Even though I start longing for spring as soon as I put away my Christmas decorations, we’re only one month into winter… and what better way to warm yourself during these cold months than wearing wool?!

So today’s fashionpost is all about wool… jumpers and scarfs, casual and chique, cheap and a little more expensive…

I like wearing wool as it gives so much warmth. A jumper may be light, but you can bet that if it’s a woollen one, it will keep you nice and warm!

There are plenty of options to wear wool. Below you see some different jumpers, gloves and hats/beanies that I found on the Polyvore app (or via

Woollen jumpers to wear outdoors

Woollen jumpers to wear outdoors

Woollen jumpers to wear on a date

Woollen jumpers to wear on a date

Woollen accessories for playing in the snow

Woollen accessories for playing in the snow


Woollen accessories for a trip to the city

Woollen accessories for a trip to the city

In last week’s post you could see the cashmere jumpers from Uniqlo and the fine wool/silk sweaters from Massimo Dutti as I tried them for my ‘buying basics in Antwerp’ post. Below you see a few more pictures I took that day, but then for this ‘wool in winter’ post.

Here’s yours truly in the fitting room of Cos. I must say that I like that pale blue jumper. It would be perfect for work! It’s always quite warm at the office, so this sleeveless jumper would be enough to keep me warm.

cos 4 cos 3

cos 1


























And here I am trying on some lovely jumpers and vests at Sienna. In Antwerp there are 3 Sienna stores, but you can also shop all their goodies on their webshop My favorite item of the things I tried on, was the soft pink knitted vest.

sienna 1

sienna 2 sienna 4

sienna 5 sienna 3

sienna 7

And of course in my outfit of the week posts that have appeared here earlier on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’, there was also plenty of inspiration to wear wool…

a burnt orange cosy knit


a grey woollen vest


woollen pants


basics (with a woollen vest)


dark olive green (with a woollen jumper)


woollen sweater


Which is your favorite woollen item from above? And as much as I like to cuddle up in these fab woollen knits I am counting the days for warmer weather… who’s with me on that one?

Love, Kathleen

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