Fashion: Black midi skirt


Today’s outfit is built around a black midi skirt I bought at H&M. The fabric is quite thick and stiff which gives it a fifties look. I bought the skirt last summer, but I also wore it several times last autumn and winter. It’s really versatile, but then I like versatile stuff as I can style it according to the occasion and the mood I’m in. I would be bored wearing the same things together all the time so I like making up all sorts of combinations with my clothes.

Today I styled my skirt with a plain white T and the fuchsia suede eighties belt I got from my sister Maggy (here you see another outfit with this belt). I like to accentuate my waist… it’s one of my good features so I should be proud of it and show it ! I like the combination with my little denim jacket, perfect for those chillier moments in summer. My Gabor sandals are really comfortable and add to the fifties feel of the skirt. To make it a bit more ‘rock’, I put on a black and gold cuff and my long golden Other Stories earrings.

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago and the first person I saw that day complemented me on my skirt, so that gave me an instant boost at the start of my day.

Do you have a midi skirt ? How would you style it ? Tips are always welcome !

Love, Kathleen

DSC_0098    DSC_0115



Photography : Charlotte Kluskens

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