Beauty : What to pack for a day trip!


So the other day I went to Paris… I know, I know… I’m quite a lucky bastard 🙂 You will soon read in the tips ‘n trips post what I did in Paris and who I went with!!

Now normally I take waaaay too much on a daytrip. After two hours my neck and shoulders start hurting as my handbag weighs a ton! But to my daytrip to Paris, I really wanted to travel light so I thought twice of what I packed in my America Today tote.

We went by bus and we could leave some things on the bus whilst visiting Paris. So I took a separate bag with a fleece blanket, a book and some water for the long bus ride.

But anyway, over to my tote! The weather forecast looked very promising, so I didn’t take my umbrella… but I did take my sunglasses though! I cannot do without my sunglasses… even in autumn and winter. Whenever the sun is out or the sky is a bit bright, I’ve got to get my shades out as otherwise I get watery eyes and a headache!

When on a daytrip, I always change my usual purse in a small version. Just big enough to take some money, my credit card and my passport. This time I took an even smaller purse than on other daytrips, actually it was just a little plastic folder… all for the good cause…

Another thing I definitely cannot do without on a daytrip to Paris is my camera. I used to take my camerabag on daytrips so I could change lenses, but a camerabag just isn’t elegant ! So lately I only take my camera with one lens and I make sure I can put it in whatever handbag I take with me. My camera is not on above photo I know… I needed it to take that photo 🙂

Of course I needed some toiletry as well… In my little toiletbag I managed to put these things :

  • pressed powder : to do a little touch up when needed
  • red lipstick : because you cannot wear any other colour in Paris!
  • eyeliner : to define my eyes during the day
  • tissues : for several reasons… to blow my nose obviously, but also to clean my hands or even to use as toilet paper!
  • bandaids : as I might get blisters
  • painkillers : as I might get a headache
  • bobbypins : to put my hair away when needed
  • perfume : I had a sample of one of my favorite perfumes that I especially saved for a daytrip… of course that perfume is Chanel n°5… what else! This sample is perfect for an extra puff of heaven during the afternoon.
  • eye drops : I wear contacts and on days when I wear my contacts longer than usual, my eyes tend to have a dry feeling so putting a drop of fluid in my eyes in the evening can do the trick.
  • an extra contact lens : for emergencies ! Without contacts I’m literally lost…
  • a little notebook and pen : for taking notes for my blog

The last thing I packed was my Iphone (which I put on airplane mode whenever I can to save battery!). I put my phone in the separate pocket in my bag so I could easily reach it… nothing ‘s worse than having to take everything out of your bag when you hear your phone ringing… and then of course you’re just too late to answer it!

So that’s all I packed in my tote… and I still had some space to put my blazer and scarf in it as it got quite hot during the day.

What are the things you absolutely can’t do without when on a daytrip ?

Love, Kathleen

Soon on my blog a tips ‘n trips post on this Paris trip, but here you can read about my trip to Paris in May…

3 thoughts on “Beauty : What to pack for a day trip!

    1. Hahaha 🙂 Whenever on holiday or a day trip I always take a spare with me… I’ve got really bad eyes so it would be a complete disaster if something happened to one of my lenses…

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