Today’s quote : age

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” – Mark Twain

I’m turning 44 today… (hooray to me !) and for the past 13 years my birthdays have been extra special and double the fun as my daughter was born on my 31st birthday… (so hooray to Elizabeth !) Now if that wasn’t a beautiful birthday gift… We enjoy celebrating our birthdays together and I cherish my birthdays now even more than ever!

My age never really bothered me. I am absolutely fine with it and always have been. At 30 I orderded myself a big cake to celebrate, at 40 I ordered an even bigger cake and I didn’t pine away in a corner feeling sorry for myself and now I’m turning 44… well… what do I have to complain about ? I’m healthy, I am surrounded by a lovely family and fab friends and since a few months now I’ve got this blog to keep me occupied. No, I’m not counting the years ! I just take day by day and I try to enjoy life as much as possible!

Of course, once in a while I am astounded by the speed life takes. It seems like only yesterday my daughter brought home 2 birthday crowns from kindergarten… one for herself and one for me! I do wish a year wouldn’t go by as fast as it seems to do… but now and then I try to sit back, relax and really take in what life is offering me… and I cannot be anything else then grateful.

No… I don’t mind my age thank you very much. I’m enjoying every birthday life is giving me. And now all I have to say is happy birthday to my darling Elizabeth… and happy birthday to me… bring on the cake !

Love, Kathleen

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