October challenge : halfway there


The first of October I started a new challenge. You may remember my first challenge, where I banned myself from shopping. Well this time I set myself a physical challenge : in October I want to reach the 50k mark. Oh yes, I want to run 50k in 31 days! To some this may seem peanuts, and actually it is… but as I have a bad back (as you could read in the first post about this challenge) to me 50k is quite a lot!

Now… How have I done so far… Halfway there, so I should have 25k on the counter… I’m afraid to say I haven’t reached that. So far I have only run 18k so I’m not just there yet. I have had a couple of hectic weekends so far, so my weekend runs had to be skipped, but I know the 50k is still within reach… For the rest of the month I aim to run 3 times a week to reach my goal so fingers crossed that I can do it.

And as you can see on above picture… I have had to adjust my outfit already to the cold temperatures we’ve been having lately!! It’s barely 2-3° in the morning these days, so I am seriously tested ! I’ve had to put on my long running pants, my sports jacket and I’ve had to search for my gloves (I couldn’t find a matching pair so I had to settle for two different gloves 🙂 ).

Those of you who follow me on Instagram sometimes see photos from my running/jogging sessions popping up. So if you want to know how I’ll be doing the second part of this challenge, just follow me on Instagram! To the others… no worries… on November 1st you can read a full report here on thegoodthefabandthelovely.com!

Love, Kathleen

See how I did on my first challenge…

Right there starts my running tour… on the little bridge behind my house!
Nature is doing its best to give me lovely views on my runs… talking about encouragement!

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