Fashion: Fringed poncho


Up until last week we’ve been having the most fantastic fall weather. So my grey fringed poncho has been the perfect piece of outerwear!

I bought this poncho last year at Veritas, a shop where you can buy accessories, socks and all you can possibly need for knitting and sewing. I thought I wouldn’t wear my poncho very much, but last fall and now this fall I have been wearing it quite regularly.

When I saw this poncho in the shop, I knew it was perfect. The colour is great as I can style it with most of my clothes. You may not see it on today’s photos (but you could see in yesterday’s sneak peek), but there is a fine gold thread in the fabric which makes it slightly glittery when walking in the sun. This makes it just that tiny bit more glamerous, doesn’t it ?

And then the fringes… I love them! I don’t think I would wear fringes on my boots or on my jacket, but on a poncho… yes please 🙂

When I wear my poncho a bit more dressed up with a dress and heels, I sometimes add a belt. I just put the back of the poncho inside the belt and not the front as that limits my movements. It creates a bit of a waist that way.

But today I am wearing my poncho more casual, with my dark blue skinny from G-star and my chunky brown boots from Angelo Bervicato. I love these boots! They are such good quality as well… I’ve had them for years and they’re still like new.

Most of the time I drape the poncho over my left shoulder. Under my poncho I am just wearing a plain white T and a cobalt blue vest. I added my lovely earrings with matching charm bracelet and a nude lipstick. And I love how well my hair is behaving in the photos!! No really… I did a good job brushing it, didn’t I 🙂

Do you have a poncho and how do you wear it ? Next Wednesday I will give you three more styles on how to wear a poncho, so make sure you’ll check that!

Love, Kathleen

I also wore the chunky brown boots in my first fall outfit… check it here!







Photography : Peter Kluskens

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