Fashion: Military jacket


When visiting Caen in Normandy in July (see the posts in tips ‘n trips about our Normandy trip : gardens, D-day, harbour towns), I bought this jacket in the summer sales at IKKS. I don’t know whether our D-day-trip had anything to do with it, but I fell for this military jacket with embellishments on the shoulders and lapel ! I was immediately drawn to this army chic style.

To show this outfit to you I chose to take the pictures on a trip to Diksmuide on a windy day a couple of weeks ago. Diksmuide is a small town near the river Yser which is definitely Word War I-country… so the military theme continues !

My 12-year old daughter Elizabeth took the pictures and she really did a good job in my opinion ! We had so much fun… at one time she was just lying on the ground to get the composition she wanted… (I include a picture of me walking towards her to help her get up).

For this first autumn post, I team this army-styled jacket with a straight, distressed denim (from H&M) and a black short-sleeved blouse with a ribbon bow (from Primark). I like this jacket so much because it has a casual chic style : all the embellishments make it rather chic but the jacket has a casual cut. The combination of casual stuff with a feminine touch appeals to me. It says something about my personality I guess !  I’m quite sportive and straightforward, but I also like to embrace my femininity.

For the accessories on this post, I opted for my dark brown chunky high-heeld boots. They’re casual, because of the chunkiness and the shoelaces, but on the other hand feminine because of the high heels. So they team perfectly in this outfit. The jewels I chose are my black/golden lace cuff bracelet and my long golden earrings. My sunglasses are from Dior and I’ve had them for at least 6 years now (but still love them!).

So, army chic in this outfit-of-the-week… the first outfit of a new season… I hope you like it !

Love, Kathleen

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Walking towards my 12-year old photographer to help her get up (and she keeps on clicking...) !
Walking towards my nearly 13-year old photographer to help her get up (and she keeps on clicking…) !

Photography by Elizabeth Kluskens

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