The perfect gift…


Christmas and New Year are nearing very soon now… did you already go shopping for your loved ones?

I made a selection for him/her but also for a teenage son/daughter… but first I give you some tips on how to find the perfect gift!

Before you start your Christmas-shopping you better do some research. Here are some questions that might help you finding that perfect gift…

  • first of all : what is your budget… set your budget and stick to it!!
  • what are his/her hobbies?
  • what does his/her house look like?
  • does he/she like food/sweets/drinks?
  • does he/she like cooking?
  • does he/she like perfume or skin/body care products?
  • is he/she allergic to anything?
  • does he/she have a type of restaurant/brasserie where he/she likes going to?
  • does he/she like art/music/theatre/cinema/books?

Now think about the answers…

Perhaps you’ve already found some possible gift ideas! Nespresso crockery for the Nespresso addict, a cinema & popcorn voucher for a film lover, the newest Urban Decay palette for a beauty lover, a beautiful vase for someone who likes plants & flowers in the house,…

Make a list of all the persons you need to buy a present for…

A tip to make sure you don’t get into awkward situations… Make a list of all the persons you need to find a present for and put the budget next to the name. That way you get to see the overall budget you’ll get to spend on your gifts and it will help you sticking to your budget.

Be creative, be different, be a bit naughty…

Well… the tip says it all… but I’ll give you one example… once I gave a box full of Lays paprika crisps to a number one crisps lover (aka my sister Maggy), including a bottle of sparkling water to wash all the paprika flavour down. I put it all in the biggest box I could find… the kids were so jealous as she got the biggest present that was under the Christmas tree…  And once unwrapped there were peals of laughter of course… Needless to say she was over the moon with her present!!

Think of making something yourself…

Homemade gifts can always be fab to give and even more fab to receive! Me for instance, I like to give photo presents… That is something very personal. You’ve put thought and time in creating it and the one who gets the present will be really glad with a souvenir of a lovely daytrip or a fun evening. Afterwards it’s nice to see that the photo is put up somewhere in the house of the one who got the gift…

Don’t wait until the last minute…

I start making a list in November, listing all the occassions and all the names who I have to buy a present for (I also do this for the other people of my family as they rely on me getting all the presents…). From then onwards I start thinking of ideas of what to buy for whom.

I must admit that I always have some last minute shopping in too crowded shops… but most of my presents are bought well in advance. Buying your gifts in advance will make you stick to your budget, believe me!

And here’s some inspiration…

If you are a bit stuck though, here is some inspiration… also for teenagers (this sometimes is a difficult group to buy presents for… especially when you don’t have teenagers yourself!)

I hope these tips will help you a bit on your “hunt for the perfect gift”…  Good luck with your shopping spree!

Love, Kathleen

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The perfect gift... for a teenage daughter

The perfect gift... for a teenage son
The perfect gift... for him


All gift selections made with Polyvore (

8 thoughts on “The perfect gift…

  1. Superleuke tips in verband met het proces dat aan de cadeautjes voorafgaat!
    Het brainstormen op voorhand lijkt me inderdaad de belangrijkste stap! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great list! I tend to buy things for my loved ones and friends as if I’m shopping for myself, thinking that everybody will love what I love. I learned the hard way! It’s also so hard to shop for men, I find! There’s a blog post idea right there! xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 I always try to be in the receiver’s shoes when thinking of a present… and if it’s too difficult or if I don’t have much time left… I go for a voucher or giftcard 😉 Enjoy your weekend! Love, Kathleen


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