Today’s quote : happiness

“I’ve got this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about.” – Taylor Swift

Enjoying this lovely coffee with chocolate cookie, whilst watching the world go by… now that’s what I call happiness !

Now I am certainly not one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans… Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you the title of one of her songs ! What I know about Taylor Swift is that she’s a singer, she’s together with some other celebrity whose name I don’t even remember and she’s got loooong legs !

But this quote of her is spot on… Finding something to be happy about should be high on your priority list and is actually not that hard.

You find happiness in so many things… a cuddle from a loved one, enjoying a cup of Nespresso whilst reading the newspaper, finally clearing out that garage, enjoying a well-deserved ice cream (because ice creams are always well-deserved !), sitting in the sofa with your family watching (and commenting) your favorite soap, planning a day trip, sipping a glass of wine, making pancakes with your kids, this list can be endless !

Everywhere and anytime you can find happiness. Why then is it so hard for some to find it ?

Perhaps it’s because we are so used to these little things that we take them for granted… but you certainly find happiness in the smallest things. So ok, you couldn’t afford to buy that 200 EUR dress, but didn’t you just get these beautiful flowers from your husband ? And no you can’t go city-tripping to New York, but didn’t you just have so much fun at the bowling arcade ?

Try to be happy with the things that do happen in your life, thinks you can afford, things you may see every single day of your life but don’t notice anymore…

Perhaps you can give it a try… take last weekend for example… can you name one thing that made you happy, that made you smile, that you were amazed by, that you should be grateful for ? It may be something small, something others may not even have noticed… You will certainly find something! Well, try to embrace all those little things and don’t take anything for granted… then you will find happiness and that’s what life is all about !

Love, Kathleen

One of the things that make me happy is my long-distance/longterm friendship with Katelijne… did you read that quote ‘n thoughts already?

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