Beauty ‘n Fashion: La Mer – Replenishing Oil Exfoliator


Recently I had the opportunity to buy some luxury beauty products at a discount and I was oh so happy to buy my first La Mer product! Read on to find out what I think about the Replenishing Oil Exfoliator 🙂

The promises

This is what I could read on the La Mer website:

‘This sensorial facial scrub refines, detoxifies and replenishes. Sugar crystals and sea salt gently smooth away the appearance of dullness and fine dry lines. Sea kelp fibres work like a cleansing cloth to draw impurities from pores as Miracle Broth™ oils replenish, soften and smooth.’

How to use

This exfoliator can be used 3-4 times a week on a clean skin. I tend to use it at night.

Gently massage the product in (not too roughly as the scrub particles are quite coarse), add a bit of lukewarm water. This helps to dissolve the exfolating crystals. The product then turns into a creamy oil.

Rinse off.



  • Contains natural elements of sea salt and sugary crystals.
  • I like how this product turns into a creamy oil.
  • After using the product, my skin feels clean, fresh and very soft.
  • Gives my skin a healthy glow and a vivid complexion.
  • Because of the oil, my skin feels nourished and smooth.
  • The first couple of times, I used way too much product. You only need a small dollop, which means the 100 ml will last for a lot of months, even when used 3 times a week!


  • I’m not fan of the smell.
  • The scrub particles are quite coarse, so be gentle!
  • I could buy this product at a very good discount. The normal price is about 110 EUR. which is a lot of money… BUT… you get a 100 ml tube which will last about 5 months when used 3 times a week. So would I pay full price? I’m not too sure. I have been using a very good, similar scrub which costs me 40 EUR for 50ml…  We’ll see 🙂


This is a very good and rich scrub, but would I pay full price? Not too sure about that…

Love, Kathleen



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