Beauty ‘n Fashion: My new camera bag


On a Saturday you normally get an outfit of the week from me… but not today… Today’s post is not particularly about the clothes I am wearing, but more so about my new bag! I take lots of photos but I hate having to carry around an ordinary camera bag, which makes me look like a tourist. So I searched and found the perfect solution…

When searching the net for a trendy camera bag, I quickly stumbled upon the website of Kelly Moore. She offers an extensive selection of camerabags that are so much nicer and trendier than ordinary camerabags.

It was hard to choose, there were so many beautiful bags! A good thing about the site is that there are a lot of photos of each bag which help you make up your mind. What was even more helpful were the short tutorials. It literally took me several hours to decide on which bag I wanted to buy. Actually I found the hobo bag the nicest, but in the end I opted for the ‘songbird’ bag as this bag offers more space.


As I really needed my bag quickly I didn’t want to wait for it to arrive from America. Fortunately I could also buy the bag at the online shop of Konijnenberg  (a Belgian online shop where I recently bought my new camera and flash). They offer a small selection of the Kelly Moore bags and I was glad to see that the ‘songbird’ bag could be delivered the next day…

The bag isn’t made out of real leather and that concerned me a bit… I really would have returned it, if it would’ve had a plastic look! But to my great delight the bag looks and feels like real leather…

The bag has lots of pockets to put stuff in. But the best part of course is the removable, padded basket, which really protects your camera and other stuff. You can divide the basket in 4 sections using the 3 removable dividers. You can remove the basket and then you end up with a spacious handbag. Young mums could even use it as a diaper bag!

The inside of the bag, with lots of place for my photography gear and some personal belongings.

In the padded basket I can easily put away my camera with a lens attached to it. There is room left to take an extra lens,my flash an Ipad and then there is still plenty of space left to put away some personal stuff.

There is also a pocket to put away credit cards and sd cards. The bag comes with two  different straps : a longer messenger strap (which is really handy when using the bag as a camera bag)  and a short shoulder strap (which you can attach when using the bag as an everyday bag).


The extra pocket with a divider to put away my SD cards.

I have used my bag several times already… on my last daytrip to Paris, on my trip to Ghent, of which you could read part I in yesterday’s post, and also last Saturday when I took wedding photos of a couple I know.

I’m sure the bag will accompany me on lots of day trips 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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The first trip of my bag… to Paris 😀




On the beautiful Graslei in Ghent…

6 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: My new camera bag

    1. I’m so glad I bought it!! It wasn’t cheap… that’s why I opted for a basic style in a basic colour so that it will last several years. I just hated that boxy thing I had before!! Not stylish at all 😀 Love, Kathleen (enjoy the weekend!)

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    1. Thanks Gemma!! I just hated having to carry around that boxy thing I bought with my camera… I started taking my camera with my in my ordinary handbag, but that isn’t safe enough, especially with the flash! This bag is so much better 🙂 Thanks for reading Gemma and a happy weekend! Love, Kathleen


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