Fashion: Navy striped pencil skirt

2015-08-15 ootw1

Today’s outfit consists of 2 basic items : a navy striped pencil skirt and a tank top.

The skirt I bought at H&M a few months ago. And as navy is always trending in summer, it is perfect for an outfit-of-the-week post !

I love it with this Marcel de Bruxelles, a Belgian classic (notice the tricolore on the neckline). OK, so Belgium may not be the center of the world, but there are worse places to live ! And isn’t Belgium known for some fine things like… beer and chocolate ! And of course there are some remarkable Belgians in the world of fashion and beauty as well… like Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons and Peter Philips amongst so many others.

But back to the outfit… it is such a  casual outfit that it screams for some sneakers, doesn’t it ? So I put on my stunning silver Hush Puppies sneakers to complete the outfit. The sneakers are really comfortable and I do dare to wear them under a skirt (not all women with legs as short as mine do !).

What accessories is concerned, I kept it simple. Just some sportive Raybans and some beautiful blue glass earrings my good friend Katelijne sent me last year. I don’t think I already told you about Katelijne… she was my highschool friend about 28 years ago. But then her parents decided to move to Australia with their kids so we grew up miles apart. But hey, no worries mate ! We’ve been keeping in touch ever since and at special occassions we send eachother beautiful presents, like these earrings… (thanks again Katelijne, love you !).

So, this was another summer outfit from me… do you like it ? What would you style this skirt with and… do you dare to wear sneakers underneath a skirt ?!

Love, Kathleen

2015-08-15 ootw5
Comfy sneakers underneath my skirt…
2015-08-15 ootw6
See how my blue glass earrings shine… thanks Katelijne for this beautiful present from Down Under !

2015-08-15 ootw2
2015-08-15 ootw3
2015-08-15 ootw4

2015-08-15 ootw7

Photography : Peter Kluskens

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