Beauty ‘n Fashion: Black ‘n white skirt


A couple of weeks ago I showed you a black ‘n white summer dress… well, today it’s all about my black ‘n white summer skirt! I bought this skirt during the sales. It was still quite expensive, but once I tried on this skirt it was love at first sight so I decided it would be the only thing I would buy during the summer sales… besides my wedges and my printed pants that is… 🙂

I almost regretted buying the skirt (which is from Compagnia Italiana). The first time I wore it, I had a coffee stain on it (and guess what… on a white panel of course!) and when I tried to wash it out by hand, there were a couple of purplish/black stains coming on the white fabric… I decided there and then that I’d just chuck it in the washing machine, wash it at the most gentle programme and just see how it would come out… It came out covered in these purplish/black stains and I so regretted giving so much money on a skirt that was ruined after I had only wore it once… But then someting strange happened… as the skirt dried, the stains disappeared 🙂


The second time I wore it, I again had a stain on a white panel… I washed it in my machine, it came out with purplish/black stains and they dried out again…

So now I know that i don’t have to stress to have a stain on this skirt… it comes out in the washing machine even worse than when it got in, but when dried up it’s just fine… strange, but phew!

I wore this skirt on our Paris trip from last week. I wore it with my comfy Gabor wedges and my large golden H&M bag, but for this outfitpost I’m wearing it quite simple with a black top (actually the same black top as I wore last week with my printed pants) and my black sandals from Natan (which are now more than 5 years old!).

I don’t often take the little handbag with me just because it’s so little. But I cannot part with it as I think it is so cute 🙂 I actually got it for free somewhere!

So what do you think of this outfit? Do you like the skirt? How would you style it?

Love, Kathleen

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