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Outfit of the week: Orange dress

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When on holiday in England, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of dresses… end of sale and an nice exchange rate meant that some of the clothes were attractively cheap and that’s when my ‘spot the bargain’ radar comes in action 🙂

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Outfit of the week: Burgundy dress

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Today another dress in the picture… and yet another golden oldie! It’s been ages since I’ve worn it as I just didn’t remember having it!! Let me tell you more about it…

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Fashion: Outfit of the week – Easter

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In today’s fashion post, I put my Easter outfit in the picture! Recently I bought the most fabulous skirt at Maje and I just want to share it with you guys. Don’t you think it is just the perfect skirt to be wearing during this Easter weekend?!

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Fashion: New year’s eve outfit

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On this last day of the year, one more outfitpost… and let me tell you… it’s a fun one!! Read more about this new year’s eve outfit

Fashion: Sleeveless blazer

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A couple of weeks ago I told you about my visit to Greet Moens’ closet sale. Besides that lovely teal dress, I also bought this sleeveless blazer. Read more about this blazer!

Fashion: Florals for fall

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Today’s outfitpost is about this fabulous and beautiful dress I fell in love with from the moment I laid eyes on it…  See more about this stunning dress!

Fashion: Snake print

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Have you ever bought something of which you though ‘what will people think’? Yip… me too… and I just love to wear exactly what I want and I just couldn’t care less what ‘they’ think… !  Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Striped t-shirt

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One of the all-time summer classics must be the striped t-shirt. And this year I got one for free! Read more about this free striped t-shirt!

Fashion: Printed dress

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At the end of the sales I like to browse in stores to found one more bargain… and I succeeded once again…  Read more about my bargain!

Fashion: Pink jacket

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I wear a lot of black, dark blue, grey… but in summer I do love a bit of colour now and then… and that brings us to this bright pink jacket 🙂 Read more about this bright jacket!