Beauty ‘n Fashion: Snake print


Have you ever bought something of which you though ‘what will people think’? Yip… me too… and I just love to wear exactly what I want and I just couldn’t care less what ‘they’ think… !  So when I saw these trousers in the shop,  I thought the snake print was just so daring. At first I tried them on just for the fun of it… but I thought they were too fab to put them back so I just bought them.:-)

I rarely pay much money for something so explicit. These snake print trousers only cost me about 20 EUR. I got them at H&M a couple of years ago and every summer I get them out of the closet for a couple of times. They’re great for those chillier days and they’re perfect for those transitional weeks between spring and summer and between summer and autumn!

I always wear something quite simple on top because the print of these trousers is so explicit. Today I’m combining it with a sand coloured sweater with short sleeves. Also perfect for those chillier days!

My Gabor wedges have been my companion on lots of days this summer and I think they go just perfectly with this outfit, don’t you?!

My Dior sunnies, my the Rubz bracelet and my & Other Stories earrings complete the look.

Would you wear a snake print?

Love, Kathleen

Here you see some other printed pants…









Photography: Peter Kluskens

8 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Snake print

    1. Thank you so much 😀 I must admit that sometimes I don’t dare to wear these pants, but combined with this sand coloured sweater, it makes it a bit less ‘wow’ you know 😉 Have a lovely evening! Kathleen

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